Reconnecting with Our Values

8th June 2023

In the ever-evolving world of business, change is inevitable, and sometimes change brings opportunities to transform. At Trac Precision Solutions, we recently underwent a corporate carve-out from our large, listed Group and former owner. This transition not only signalled a new chapter in our journey but also presented a chance to redefine who we are as a company, where we’re headed, and how we get there.

One of the pivotal steps in this transformation was revisiting and redefining our core values. Values are the guiding principles that shape our culture and steer us towards success. Thus, following the corporate carve-out, it was crucial for us to reconnect with our values to ensure they remained meaningful, authentic, relevant, and representative of our vision as a business.

In August, we hosted a workshop where our dedicated teams engaged in a series of exercises to collectively work out and define the culture of our company. This initial iteration was then taken through a thorough consultation process, involving cross-functional sessions to ensure buy-in from our employees. We believed it was essential for every member of our Trac Precision Solutions business to have a say in defining our culture.

The result of this collaborative effort was real engagement across the business for our new core values:

Excellence – We’re committed to the highest standards of performance in Safety, Quality and Integrity. This mindset gives us a bias for action.

Teamwork – Through Teamwork, we win together. We hold ourselves and each other accountable. We share in the challenge and the success.

Growth – We embrace change, seeing challenges as an opportunity to improve, develop and grow.

By investing in this process of values evaluation and redefinition, we’ve not only embraced our corporate carve-out but turned it into a catalyst for positive change and growth. Our values now serve as a cornerstone for our future direction, ensuring that we remain authentic, committed, and aligned as we continue our growth plan.

We’re excited about the road ahead, and we invite you follow our transformation and growth. #TracPrecisionSolutions #CorporateCarveOut #ValuesMatter #TransformationAndGrowth